EdBuild’s mission is to bring common sense and fairness to the way states fund public schools.

One mission, two workstreams

State Engagement

EdBuild works directly with stakeholders in states across the country to modernize school funding systems. EdBuild conducts data and policy analysis, creates interactive modeling tools, and makes recommendations related to implementation.


state engagements, helping to overhaul current school finance systems

1.6 million

low income students receiving fairer funding

National Voice

EdBuild works to raise national awareness related to the current problems with the way states fund public schools. Our data visualizations and policy reports demonstrate the illogical, outdated, and segregating nature of our state funding systems.


When our job is done

EdBuild is a catalyst organization, working to fundamentally disrupt the status quo of illogical & inequitable school funding. A catalyst cannot exist in perpetuity - it must work tirelessly towards a discrete set of goals and then step back. It must build substantial momentum for a comprehensive and self-perpetuating movement as a whole. Accordingly, both of EdBuild’s workstreams were constructed with actionable end goals in mind, meaning that we have made a strategic choice to achieve our mission within 5 years, and then close our doors.

Over the next 4 years, state engagement work will prove that overhauling school funding is politically feasible and illuminate best practices in bringing funding reform to scale. EdBuild will release data and tools to policymakers free of charge. To make state engagements lower cost and more sustainable, this work will be passed to an established organization that has already reached the economy of scale.

Concurrently, national voice work will build a public narrative around the illogical and detrimental construct of local school funding policies that create the incentive and ability to segregate along socioeconomic lines. With supporting data, this work will be entrusted to a social justice organization to pursue greater systemic equity in the system via the judicial branch.

This sunset allows EdBuild to focus efforts on mission achievement, rather than on long-term sustainability.

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