Use the red highlighted buttons to select the year, district type, and data layer to display.

      Years and Available Data
      Currently, student poverty rate, percent eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, median owner-occipied property value, median household income, revenue per pupil, and percent nonwhite are available for all years, 2013 to 2017. Dividing Lines will be updated when the 2018 data is released.

      School District Type
      There are three different types of school districts shown in the map: unified, elementary, and secondary. In general, where there is a unified school district, no elementary or secondary district exists; and where there is an elementary district, there is usually (though not always) a secondary district. Unified school districts are always visible in the map. Use the district-type selector to also view either elementary or secondary districts.

      School District Search
      To zoom to a particular school district, type the name of that school district in the School District Search bar and select the appropriate district in the drop-down menu. 

      Click on the methodology button in the legend to learn more about each dataset or to download the data.